Calistoga, Napa Valley – The Ultimate Relaxation Destination!

Famous for its Geothermal Hot Springs, rejuvenating Spas and world-class Wines, Calistoga, a small town perched at the top of the gorgeous Napa Valley, has all the ingredients that make up the perfect relaxation destination! For centuries, people have taken pilgrimages to the natural hot springs in the area, seeking the healing properties of the heated water, minerals and mud. Today, Calistoga has more than two dozen spas and hot spring-centered resorts within its small geography. Considered as the “Spa” Capital of the US, Calistoga offers the ultimate mineral and mud bath, and massage experiences.

One of the exits of the Old Faithful Geyser of California, just north of Calistoga, is indeed an electrifying sight to behold from the town. The hot liquid and steam spews out like a giant spray fountain!

Calistoga’s classy, yet relaxed and friendly character, makes it the perfect get-away for single people, couples and families alike. A majority of inns, sports activities, etc, even welcome pet companions, and show them a great time too! Boarding choices range from large modern hotels and hot spring resorts to intimate bed and breakfast inns. There are plenty of options in every price range from inexpensive to lavish.

Calistoga is a certified American Viticulture Area (AVA) – an elected wine grape-growing region with distinctive geographic features and growing conditions, such as climate, soil and elevation that contribute to a wine’s characteristic taste and aroma. Because of its volcanic soil ranging from cool at the hillside to flat and warm pockets, Calistoga is lucky enough to boast of a vast variety of flavors for its grapes. Calistoga is famed for its large selection of both red and white grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and many more that visitors love learning about and sampling!

Night life in Calistoga centers on wine-tasting, microbreweries and a lot more! Calistoga is fast becoming known for its Live Music, with people from all around Napa Valley regularly heading to music events held in the town. Its many pubs, where music and dancing abound, make Calistoga’s nightlife full of fun.

The town also hosts numerous music and wine events each year. The Napa Valley Opera House holds a variety of outdoor concerts, so you may want to check out whether anything’s happening there while you visit.

If Casinos are your thing, then gambling thrills await you in downtown Calistoga at Twin Pine Casino in Middletown and River Rock Casino in Alexander Valley.

For foodies, Calistoga has world-class restaurants and almost every cuisine imaginable – Its American / French bistros, Italian and Chinese restaurants, gourmet delis, bakeries and cafes are all bustling with people! In fact, a few of Calistoga’s restaurants have been recognized by ZAGAT ratings, the Wine Spectator Magazine, as well as the Michelin Guide.

Calistoga has a treasure of places to visit, from natural wonders like the Petrified Forest, to manmade ones like Castello di Amorosa, the magnificent 14th century Tuscan castle winery, and artist Carlo Marchiori’s stunning home, Villa Catoga.

Lovers of the outdoors can hire bikes, ride in hot-air balloons and soar over the gorgeous valley, take kayak or glider rides, and check-out wild African animals up-close at Safari West. History enthusiasts can learn about Calistoga’s rich past at the Sharpsteen Museum. Louie Vermeil Speedway at Calistoga’s Napa County Fairgrounds offers thrilling sprint car and motorcycle racing. Fairgrounds also has a golf course and recreational vehicle campgrounds.

There’s a charming shopping district in downtown Calistoga, where you can stroll about between meals, spa treatments and wine-tasting stops! The area is a pleasure for any shopper to explore the unique clothing, footwear, exquisite jewelry, art, handicraft, pottery and mementos.

Calistoga’s annual average low temperature is 44.3°F and high is 75°F. The town is characterized by high temperatures up to 100 °F (38 °C) during the day, and cool nights during the growing season due to breezes from the Russian River. Average annual rainfall is 37.79 inches (960 mm) with measurable precipitation falling on an average of 66 days each year. Late February, March, April and early May are the best months to enjoy the most potent scenic beauty of Napa Valley. June through October are the warmest months. Calistoga, Napa Valley is easy driving distance from San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, so, if you are along those parts any time of the year, really, this wonderfully relaxing town is definitely worth a visit!